~rainbow mondays~ birds, blossoms and a rainbow of eggs

rainbow eggs IMG_5074

happy rainbow easter monday!

rainbow egg IMG_5080

rainbow egg dye IMG_5061

it’s an overdue, overstuffed rainbow of eggs and flower buds and all things symbolic of springing forth new life! hurray for spring!

all the eggs IMG_5102

psst! rubber bands were a fun, accidental discovery for using what we had on hand for egg dying!

sunrise sunrader IMG_4934

pink: sunrise on sunrader

red IMG_5050

red: easter cake we were forced to eat by our housemate… it’s a hard life here at the vacation house, but somehow we find a way to carry on.

red dreamcatcher IMG_5103

red: quinn declared this random organic design on the egg he dyed purple and red for rich to be “a perfect suncatcher!”

red IMG_4791

red: this is the situation in our basement right now.

red IMG_4759

red: blossom bonanza!

sunrise pear roof IMG_4949

orange: more sunrise goodness.

orange IMG_4962

orange: blossoming oregon grape on the roadside

orange IMG_5066

orange: i confess, i purposely use glass jars and shiny spoons for egg dying, to enhance photographic potential! this year i managed to time it during an afternoon sunny spell as well. by a big window. contrived for the best possible color and reflection fun!

yellow IMG_4991

yellow: not sure if this is the same species of bird that visited bernie (a lesser goldfinch, that is), but i’m definitely feeling the bird.

yellow IMG_4963

yellow: it’s violet season!

pear buds IMG_4752

green: pear blossoms… when we arrived in vacation land, the pears were small and not yet ripe, and it looks like we will nearly close the circle on the pear’s annual cycle before we depart vacation land.

norma IMG_4956

green: norma, the neighborhood blossom tree.

green IMG_4904

green: happy belated st. patrick’s day! it’s not all sunshine and easter eggs around here.

green IMG_5008

green: st. patty’s jello. we had fun declaring its different flavors (bertie bott’s style): mmm, this bite tastes like kiwi! um, i think i just got grass clippings! ack, that bite was sticker bushes!

dino egg IMG_5098

green: the young paleontologist displays a rare green dinosaur egg! (a wrinkly-shelled gift from my sister’s elderly laying hen!)

blue IMG_4777

blue: shiny sunset beach date walk

sundog IMG_4951

blue: wispy sky with rainbow sundog during my commute to work.

egg dying bart supervision IMG_5059

blue: bart supervising the egg dying

blue IMG_5078

blue: checking the blue egg for color saturation

blue IMG_5094

blue: photo play time

purple IMG_4769

purple: violets lurking around every corner…

purple IMG_4861

…in spite of the obvious challenges brought on by spring time.

purple IMG_4766

purple: so much new life!

azalea IMG_4954

purple: first azalea bloom, the brave pioneer, forging ahead into this season of abundance!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

2 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ birds, blossoms and a rainbow of eggs

  • a truly egg-cellent rainbow today!! green dinosaur egg is a rare and wonderful find for any paleontologist. And green jello, I’m so happy to oblige for the green in this rainbow.

  • what an amazing rainbow monday! the egg with the perfect dream catcher is definitely my favorite. the wrinkly egg… wow… i had no idea that happens with older hens eggs! unfortunately, none of our hens have ever made it to old age because of the predator situation around here.
    jenny recently posted..Saturday Shenanigans

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