~rainbow mondays~ roses are rainbows

calla heart IMG_6296 yellow heart leaf IMG_6582 green heart IMG_6649

green heart IMG_6506 blue sea glass heart IMG_6576 purple heart IMG_6515

one week i’ll make a whole rainbow out of found hearts… this is all i have to show for this week!

rainbow fruit IMG_6749

it’s still monday-ish, right? here’s a rainbow feast of color from the past few weeks.

dragon rose IMG_6921

pink: dragon perched on a rose

red IMG_6616

red: roses are in full bloom all over the place: a vacation house rose pictured here.

red IMG_6949

red: somebody held still to show off his red throat.

orange IMG_6765

orange: orange roses!

orange IMG_6612


orange: and poppies!

orange IMG_6916

orange: and geraniums! and a flamingo!

flower love IMG_6304


yellow: someone tall dark and handsome picked me one of the yellow roses. they smell just like tropical rose fruit salad!

white IMG_6297

yellow: this really is more white than yellow; calla with spider

coyote IMG_6278

green: coyote magic in the vacation house back yard.

blue IMG_6302

blue: rose magic

blue IMG_6746

blue: steller’s jay in motion

blue moon IMG_6624

blue: full moon as i embarked on a morning tidepooling adventure.

blue sunbow hummingbird IMG_6927

blue: hummingbird with sunbow

blue IMG_6953

blue: a refreshing beverage after yard work

blue tall ship IMG_6869

blue: went on a tall ship adventure! more photos to come on black and white wednesday!

purple orange IMG_6653

purple: i also could have called this one orange or black i suppose… bright colors in small doses on a lovely early morning mamas-only tidepooling excursion with a friend.

purple IMG_6547

purple: columbine growing in our new backyard.

purple IMG_6646

purple: sea urchin beauty

seal kiss IMG_6713

gray: more of the tidepooling adventure in muted grays and browns…. a seal kiss!

gray IMG_6687

baby seal IMG_6663

pup IMG_6699


otter eagle IMG_6626


this eagle arrived above our heads as soon as we stepped onto the beach, and accompanied us the whole time.

otter eagle IMG_6634

otter eagle IMG_6727

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

1 comment to ~rainbow mondays~ roses are rainbows

  • camp boss

    awesome rainbow!!!! I loved the rose from tdh with the blue reflection, it was beautiful……oh and the columbine gorgeous!!!

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