~rainbow mondays~ bayou walks at dragon house 2.0

rainbow IMG_7074

end of the last full week of third grade rainbow before school on friday – the day of our field trip to fly kites at the beach… luckily the rain mostly didn’t fall on us!

sunbow IMG_7153

sunbows seem to be rather prevalent in the sky above dragon house 2.0!

pink IMG_7144

pink: a delicate pink columbine hiding in the front yard. a friend of mine posts columbine photos on april 20 each year as a reminder to us all of the columbine shooting. with the orlando shooting that just took place, these thoughts are especially on my mind, and my heart is with the families and loved ones of those killed and injured.

pink IMG_7126

pink: it makes one want to hold one’s own loved ones closer, and savor the sweet moments life gives us, like the evening walks that are becoming a daily ritual for rich and i. normally we walk to our bayou but on our saturday walk we ranged farther afield in the neighborhood with camera in hand.

red IMG_7121

red: the abundance of roses is staggering. between them and the honeysuckle we can smell coming from every direction, our walks are quite heavenly!

orange IMG_7106

orange: entwined carrots from my farm

yellow IMG_7165

yellow: western tanager: “i am going to eat your cherry.”

yellow IMG_7167

“i am taking a bite of your cherry.”

yellow IMG_7168

“i’ve just eaten your cherry.”

yellow IMG_7170

yellow: the western tanager, according to my sibley guide, “feeds on insects and larvae gleaned from leaves.” apparently won’t look down its nose at my ripe cherries, either.

yellow IMG_7138

yellow: far more numerous in sightings, but far more difficult to photograph lately, the swallowtails are busy making unpredictable fast flights through the back yard.

yellow IMG_7151

yellow: these two were on a date, but even they wouldn’t hold still for one second.

green IMG_7135

green: the bayou

green IMG_7118

green: cedar shaking hands with walnut

green IMG_7111

green: our amazing daily hiking trail, which my man is maintaining and improving.

green IMG_7072

green: marsh green paint from quinn’s room in dragon house 1.0, now covering my old plywood desk top and stretched across some shelves for my favorite boy.

green IMG_7012

green: damselfly that i had to lay down in the grass to photograph.

blue hawks IMG_7023

blue: while i was already in the grass, these two red-tailed hawks put on a show for us far overhead in the blue dream of sky.

blue IMG_7133

blue: shapes in the neighborhood.

blue IMG_6983

blue: they’re my blue sky, they’re my sunny day. love our kids. and they love each other, too. saturday morning on my 1-in-14 day off, strolling with my family. this is just before he got her to buy him extra pastries and take him to dutch bros.


purple: the morning breaking out our bedroom window. we can live with that view!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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