~rainbow mondays~ exhale like a whale

red IMG_2016-08-29-13274492

red: i didn’t have a good red photo for this rainbow, but then i realized voltorb was expressing my current mood perfectly. in a bit of a funk – must mean a rainbow shortage! so i set out to post one while there’s still some monday left…

orange IMG_9461

orange: a little after sunset over the pacific ocean.


yellow IMG_9443

yellow: sea rocket turning yellow in the late summer dry warmth.

green IMG_9523

green: attempted ninja selfie

green IMG_9483

green: shamrock cookie green, that is. this boy walks up to a wall of paint colors with confidence and immediately¬† points at the one he wants. shamrock cookie was just what he needed to complete his lego habitat… it’s receiving finishing touches including a mountain range.

blue IMG_9490

blue: finding myself heading oceanward on a frequent basis lately.

blue IMG_9548

blue: such as tonight when we ninjas finished karate, and went to catch a pokemon or two near the beach, and also got to watch a whale breaching multiple times. this was the best i could do once i got my camera out of the car, but it was pretty great to see an airborne whale, it has been a while!

purple IMG_9500

purple: i’m being followed by a moon jelly… moon jelly, moon jelly.

purple IMG_9431

purple: sea rocket in full bloom. hope you are getting your ration of rainbows and sunshine and whale exhalations, and storing them away for winter!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning evening

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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