~rainbow mondays~ poke abundance

rainbow veg 20160806_083736

rainbow veggies again! i never get tired of lining up beautiful produce in rainbow order.

red IMG_9424

red: chioggia beets just before i juiced them yesterday.

orange IMG_9088

orange: dragon from a poke-walk with quinn. he traded me the phone for my camera so he could take some photos of it, too!

orange IMG_9206

orange: i took a few hours off last wednesday morning so quinn and i could take advantage of $5 wednesdays at the aquarium. we actually did look at the animals, not only the abundant pokemon available for capture.

yellow IMG_2016-08-13-08213984

yellow: pikachu lives in a yellow submarine!

yellow IMG_9427

yellow: what to do with an organic yellow watermelon that was dropped on the ground: put the pieces in the blender and freeze them, then put the ice cubes back in the blender with liquid of your choice to make a fun blended drink. we liked it with ginger vodka, and i plan to try some with juice when i get a chance to make one for quinn.

yellow IMG_9110

yellow: tattered traveler

otter IMG_9233

green: at the otter feeding.

green IMG_9259

green: made some more fun summer memories with friends having a random thursday evening backyard campout.

blue IMG_9070

blue: beautiful objects hanging around at the clay studio where i have now thrown and trimmed my first bowl… it should be fired by now, i’m very excited to glaze it!

blue IMG_9068

blue: i think i like this glaze!

blue Screenshot_2016-08-11-12-38-17

blue: sometimes i go for walks to incubate quinn’s poke eggs while i’m at work. it makes me feel like i walk on water as a mama (actually i was only walking in the mud flats on a very low tide, but thought the image was kind of funny.)

blue IMG_2016-08-16-16404924

blue: between karate camp and karate classes last week, we had some fun poke bonding moments. squirtle being held by a cute ninja here.

blue IMG_9175

blue: seal window!

purple1 IMG_9247

purple: lots of dollars, we are so wealthy to live where we do!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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