~rainbow mondays~ cabbages and zing


a compulsive rainbow-maker strikes again!


gray: this week we’re celebrating the gift of eyesight, because rich and i spent a few hours in the e.r. in the middle of the night this weekend, due to flash burn to his eyes that he received from work on friday. his work involves a lot of welding, and he is incredibly careful, and most definitely does not take his eyesight for granted, but this was a great reminder that we are so lucky to be able to enjoy the colorful world around us.


i have joked for almost 5 years that rich “allegedly” welds boats all day long, because i have never actually seen him weld one single thing. on friday, i still didn’t see him holding the welding torch, but i did get to see him at work, since he was working on the research vessel docked right outside of my work.


the technical term for that red crate he’s riding in is apparently “man basket.” he spent all day in the man basket, essentially, and i played paparazzi.




all in a day’s work. reminds me to also not take for granted my hard working fiance!


pink: after the excitement of friday night, a leisurely sunday drive through the back roads with my love was in order.


red: we trespassed on a friend’s property to check out their garden. still some zinnias in bloom!


red: hummingbird sage


red: this crab had an impressive collection of barnacles.


orange: pumpkin/squash reaching maturity.


yellow: sunflowers in the rain.




yellow: zinnia zing!


green: still more sunflowers yet to bloom.


green: this unimpressive stretch of backyard slope is starting to lose its ivy and morning glory, and will hopefully be successfully terraced soon! i am looking forward to being done with the hard part and onto the fun of planting bulbs and seeds. the rainbow of flowers looks so pretty in my head, but i want to make it reality!


blue: blue belt, taken on his first day of fourth grade! i’m a little belated on those first day of school photos, and as karate was the only time i saw him that day, this was the best i could do.


blue: there have been multiple afternoon sightings of whales in recent weeks.




purple: cabbage, also reaching maturity.


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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