~two and a half months in the life of a lifelong learner~ dragonflies to dragons

clearly, this is long overdue!


i’m writing this during the cold november rain, so it warms my heart a little to look back over summer sunshine and fun! and of course, learning.

orange IMG_9206 orange IMG_9088 otter IMG_9233 green IMG_9259

i’m mostly relying on photographic evidence to remind me of what we did all those long months ago… i know we took a wednesday morning off and went to the aquarium together for $5 local day, and enjoyed some time with the puffins, the sea otters, the seals and sea lions, and of course, caught a few pokemon. we hiked around the community college enjoying nature (and pokemon) as well.

img_9097 q-mama-img_9101 img_9120

img_9138 img_9136 img_9140

rich motivated quinn to help pick up the apples in the orchard by referring to them as pokeballs needing harvesting.

img_9173 img_9171 img_9172

img_9239 img_9236 img_9242

img_9185 img_9196 img_9199 img_9203

img_9210 img_9211 img_9213 img_9216

img_9243 img_9244

checking out marine mammal artifacts and parts at an aquarium exhibit.

img_9155 img_9160 img_9507 img_9514

20160705_174404 20160713_180018

karate in street clothes; karate with mama; karate on the beach

img_9266 img_9265 img_9295 img_9296

soccer and kids camping with friends!

img_9316 img_9350 img_9351


pear upside down cake, baked with pokeballs pears from the yard.

img_9462 img_9467 img_9474 img_9480

green IMG_9483

img_9489 img_1692

designing, building, painting, and playing with his new minecraft lego habitat. there was also extra paint that got used for an art project on a board.

img_9855 orange-img_9732 purple-img_9707c q-img_9628 q-reflect-img_9621



happily lugging around a chunk of conglomerate.

red-img_9736 tracks-img_9721 green-img_9765 whale-img_9831 

a found duck, found bird prints, little green crab, and whales lurking in the surf zone.

green-img_9655 green-img_9653 q-img_9638


q-waterfall-img_9710 q-waterfall-img_9713 q-waterfall-img_9717

someone was waiting for mama, so he found a comfortable perch underneath a waterfall to ponder life.


borrowed baby to read to. love that he got to spend part of his summer with camp boss, and baby koala bear.

20160717_140842 20160719_163435 20160719_163423 20160812_155327 20160813_155406

art projects, mapping for pokemon go irl game, photography practice, and a certified cherry pitting specialist.


first day of fourth grade!

first-day-of-fourth-grade-img_9934 first-day-of-fourth-grade-img_9940

trees-img_0046 bonfire-jedisimg_0351 bonfire-img_0382 bonfire-red-img_0314

second week of fourth grade… in new york! studying many things…

barn-img_0956 trees-img_0817 trees-63-64-65-img_0706 20160913_150009

…like barn repair, pomology, minecraft, tree climbing…


helper-img_1032 barn-light-img_1141 grammy-img_1058 kids-img_1054 trees-img_0829

…basketball, grandson stuff, cousin stuff, more tree climbing…

trees-img_0813 trees-img_0824 tree-1img_9996 trees-img_0039 puff-ball-img_0427

…more pomology, more tree climbing, mushrooms…

kids-img_1177 img_1201 kids-img_0962 kids-img_1197

…the oregon trail, certified soap assistant technician, kickball…


i loved walking in from a walk to find the two self-motivated learners camped on the porch making games and identifying apples.

img_1325 20160929_173136 20160927_064109 20160928_060309 carrot-img_1491

fun with food… bulbasaur apple pie, biscuits and jam, certified carrot crinkle cutting technician.


he is listening to percy jackson while reading mokie and bik. certified literary multitasking technician.

karate-img_1470 karate-board-before-img_1474 karate-broken-board-img_1475 img_1663 lp-20161008_173032

karate and more karate. a fun-filled day camp day of karate in corvallis, complete with broken boards and traditional trip to laughing planet. quinn also earned another tip on his blue belt.

img_1505 img_1513 img_1514 blue-img_1482

bayou and beach walks…

img_1666 img_1668 img_1670 img_1675 img_1674

and a harrowing dungeons and dragon mission completed! his character finally excavated the dragon skeleton i hid for him months and months ago, and hatched his found dragon egg. he also obtained some dragon-hide pants and boots, and other miscellaneous dragon-related items, as well as slaying all orcs in hickory glen. as soon as he had unearthed the skeleton, i realized i had not foreseen and built into the dungeon all the eventual needs: “now i need to look for wood and metal ore to build a museum for the dragon skeleton!” see, i’m learning all the time, too.

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