~rainbow mondays~ merry and bright

rainbow dragon costumes for pancake granddaughters. this shipment hasn’t been made yet, because grandpa found out some little girl stats about favorite colors and animals, and went on a mission to find a blue bunny and a white mouse for his girls.

solstice beach sunshine rainbow

rainbow christmas lights! which will probably be featured in rainbow monday photos through valentine’s day, since we finally put up the tree on christmas eve. rich’s daughter fits in perfectly with the nerdy glasses family theme.

rainbow lights and sunlight! the sun made a brilliant appearance on christmas day, much to my delight. finally enough light to make indoor natural-light photos less blurry! what a lighthearted day!

red: i forgot to buy the boy new socks, but i did thrift him some bright red sweatpants just in time to pajama his way through christmas pokemon battles. of his hand-knit auntie wrist-warmers, quinn said, “i’ve always wanted a pair of these!” and hasn’t taken them off since, unless prompted.

red: handsome fiance with fairy lights on his nerdy glasses, sitting in his red chair on christmas eve.

orange: that sun!!! setting charizard on fire during an epic pokemon battle.

orange: solstice sunset. i left work early on the shortest day and was richly rewarded with more sun-drenched goodness.

orange: the very vibrant end of the shortest day.

yellow: sun through beach grass on solstice.

yellow: more solstice sparkles and sand.

green: mr. wrist-warmer loves that one of his baby mittens that i knit for him is still around, adorning our christmas tree. we are also so very pleased to have our ornaments and stockings out of the back corner of the storage garage this christmas!

cutie blast from the past. you’re welcome.

green: we probably missed darth vader the most… when you plug in the lights, he says, “the force is with you young skywalker. but you are not a jedi, yet.” happy to have him back. i also love our collection of animal ornaments. and when i say ours, what’s rich’s is mine, okay?

green: christmas eve green sparkle magic making the walls shimmer. tree-topper mouse is another friend we were happy to be reunited with.

blue: solstice sky with bridge in background and driftwood frame in foreground.

blue: foamy waves looking vaguely like snow on solstice.

purple: i hope your christmas was merry and bright like ours!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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