~rainbow mondays~ being the rainbow

we’re in high rainbow season, and we’ve been taking our cues  from the skies and being the rainbow every chance we get.

being a fairy dog mother is a way i like to be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud, or in other words, be the community on which my friends can depend. i took this while walking my ruby pup one lunch break.

spending part of inauguration weekend taking care of ruby’s kids so their parents could attend a conscious teaching conference felt like being a rainbow. fixing quesadillas, detangling my favorite curls and snuggling up to read stories, some of my favorite ways to be a rainbow.

not sure whether still having our christmas tree is being the rainbow, but it is being a rainbow itself, so we’ll not mention our procrastination tendencies.

rainbow tree water. water is life.

red: summer in a jar, strawberry jam on a biscuit makes him smile. still life of boy with 99 cent pineapples.

orange: caught him grinning as he added branches to his first bonfire at the dragon house.

yellow: sunset self care visits to the beach are right at the end of my work day this time of year.

yellow: quinn advanced from junior green belt to adult half yellow belt! we are having a great time with our new sifu and learning a lot!

green: lumberjack in his element. rich took down several small overcrowded trees this weekend, and i helped. i got to tie the rope on each time and pull them in the right direction while he wielded the chainsaw. they all landed right where we wanted them, and none of them landed on me at all. success! more light for the apples and future garden area! not to mention the venue of an upcoming get together…

green: another thing that felt like being a rainbow on friday was cleaning up a beach with quinn’s fourth grade class.

blue: juvenile eagle blessing the beach cleanup.

blue: various hubbard-y blue squashes riding the wave.

blue: selfie with dust.

purple: sunset watch.

purple: eating my greens and purples; still life with dirty dishes. dust and dirt, just part of being a rainbow!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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