~rainbow mondays~ poke party

rainbow in the morning… the symbiosis between the warming up of my car and the redwood trees, carbon dioxide traded for oxygen, plus a bonus rainbow from the sun.

rainbow selfie in a bubble (i wanted to try the cool bubbles-on-snow trick, but our snow was already too melted and wet for crystallizing soap! but i still had fun playing!)

low-key poke party and sleepover for the birthday boy and his best bud.

rainbow streamers and balloons: decorating his doorway with a quull curtain.

being sung to, and singing to himself.

making a wish…

red: pokeball mini-cupcakes! rocking the yay, it’s wednesday cake! cake recipe once again, it’s a keeper, easy-peasy and yummy.

red: poke pizza

orange: fun with streamers

orange: fire-type carrots

yellow: electric-type oranges

yellow: i snagged the last fish print card off the shelf by local artist bruce koike, and wrote my own mama message concerning orders of magnitude on the blank inside.

green: reading his card from grammy and grampy.

green: after he set up his pokemon figures to decorate, he noticed they were forming a q!

green: bulbasaur guacamole, and grass-type broccoli for snacking

green: my fiance was incredibly productive in outdoor projects during the birthday festivities, though he made sure to be around for key moments like present-opening and cupcake-eating. he found some awesome new nooks in our backyard forest, like the one not done justice by this photo.

blue: water-type… water!

purple: instead of forming crystals, these bubbles changed color from rainbow, to various single colors, to colorless, then shrank until they disappeared. bubbles on wet snow experimental results, in case anyone wanted to know!

gray: new bathrobe for this young jedi apprentice. his old one was up past his knees and elbows, so it was time. i made this out of some organic cotton french terry (the loopy part is on the inside of the fabric).


black: hands down his favorite present, a minecraft medieval fortress book. he will be talking of turrets and portcullises for the next few weeks, i can tell!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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