~rainbow mondays~ slowly unfurl

pink: practicing gratitude for daylight savings, and appreciating that i can be up before sunrise once again for a brief few weeks…

pink: my fiance comes home with his truck covered in cherry blossom snow each day lately.

red: then we walk around and look at nature together.

a wild bayou hummingbird sighting! the salmonberries in bloom are a favorite of the hummers.

orange: there is a fungus among us.

yellow: i can’t get enough of these…

yellow: or these! but rich can… poor pollen people…

yellow/green: someone please tell me what wildflower this is?! i cannot find it in any of my field guides. it’s growing near the bayou, just on the side of the trail. i feel like it is familiar in some way, but those crazy reindeer-antler leaves are throwing me for a loop on the identity.

green: watching the slow unfurling of the hidden inner parts of things…

… spiraling outward…

…beginning again and again…


green: renewal can take many forms. like starting over again after a long, hard day, getting a hug and a photography assignment from my fiance so i can regain my positive outlook. i took about thirty photos of individual raindrops that day, and felt like they washed it all away.

blue: forget-me-nots, my nana’s favorite and one of mine, are starting to show their faces. we know they are abundant here at the dragon house, since we were arriving in their high season last year!

blue: happy to be enjoying a slight uptick in hours when this blue stuff is showing.

blue-violet: hyacinths in bloom in the bottom (purple) level of the terrace rainbow.

red-violet: a surprise azalea on our north fenceline, just underneath one of our hummingbird feeders. we think this one will thrive more than it might have in the past, since rich has done a lot of pruning and trimming of overgrown shrubbery that might have shaded it out.

brown: where’s waldo, the tree creeper? (at least i think that’s his name…)

black/gray/white/brown/green: knock knock! hello monday? it’s tuesday and i’m here with your photos.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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  • Camp boss

    Knock knock….. Who’s there??? Fabulous rainbow photos and any day they post is good!! 🙂 love the green unfurling leaves, beautiful!!

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