~rainbow mondays~ a happy return of the day!

i spent part of spring break on wedding projects, including dying and cutting the fabric for prayer flags i am asking my guests to help decorate.

checking items off the to-do list feels pretty good!

i also gave my rainbow jar/flower plan a test run, even though i didn’t have any orange or green flowers yet to work with.


my son requested that i buy him a set of the yoga cards his teacher uses in class. i felt like this particular card was a sign that it was a good addition to our library. he has been setting up flows for me to do with him ever since they arrived.

rainbow tidepool creatures from a low tide walk with a good friend on sunday… with sunshine! on my birthday weekend, i couldn’t have asked for nicer weather for our walk!

red: sunlit crab in the shallows

red: another, larger sunlit crab!

red: gooseneck barnacles are not often seen on land, as they often grow on pelagic flotsam. we saw a cluster on the beach yesterday, looking like they’d just arrived from outer space.

orange: crabs seemed to be prevalent!

orange: including hermit crabs! i loved this little guy perched on the baby orange urchin.

orange: as part of my pre-birthday celebrating, i tested for my orange belt! had an awesome test alongside some inspiring young women.

yellow: test day, the last day of my previous belt rank of yellow.

yellow: and one of my first days of sparring. i was dreading it, but it turned out to be very fun!

yellow: a friday night outing with some girlfriends included a fun dessert, which came with sparkler candle! the friend who took this pointed out my angel over in the lower right corner.

green: minecraft, irl! (in real life, with real bricks.)

green: more sparkly twinkles. dew on clover.

green: twisting dragon pose!

green and blue: sharing smores with camp boss!

blue: smiley face rock!

blue: eagles always visit us at this beach. this was a juvenile.

purple: we picked up some trash from the tidepools, but some trash has become a growing surface, like this sparkly red plastic. i had reached in, ascertained that it was not one to be removed due to baby sea urchin, and stooped lower to take this picture before i saw the sculpin lurking in complete stillness! they are incredible at hide and seek.

purple: still quite sparse after the wasting disease that diminished their population to almost nothing, we did see a hopeful handful of sea stars.

purple: sea urchins with tube feet visible!

purple: some of my birthday flowers, and another purple birthday present, from sparring. it looks much worse than it feels!

purple beauties.

purple: crocuses in the terrace garden. i’ve always loved the stripey ones!

red violet: speaking of stripey, the trilliums are beginning to do their magical color change trick. trilliums in red violet, 3 petals on the 3rd of april, a lovely birthday present!

white: but a few of them are still white, providing a nice camouflage substrate for the cute white spider.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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