~rainbow mondays~ meets ~the adventures of flat bride~ flat bride’s rainbow

hello everyone! mb has been sucked into the vortex of wedding planning, and since it’s been so long since i’ve gotten a chance to post from the perspective of her pink-possessed inner child, i thought i’d handle today’s rainbow so i can share some of my favorite colors, and give mb the day off. she apologizes for the lengthy hiatus, and will endeavor to post again soon!

around the dragon house, we’ve been enjoying several shades of pink rhododendrons in full bloom. the delicate powder puff shade of the rhodie in the foreground contrasts nicely with the magenta blooms in the background.

it’s a beautiful time of year to lounge around in the grass, surrounded in flower petal snow. as a flat bride, it’s one of my favorite pastimes!

also in bloom, the roses which grow so beautifully in our bioregion. i am quite taken with this candy pink variety!

something about candy pink makes me want to mention baby pink. i think this is more of a baby bird pink, and sadly, these babies did not make it, and maybe that is one reason why pink is such an important color… it’s always present in those moments of life that are the most poignant: the births, deaths, and of course, my favorite, the joyous occasion of weddings!

mb was delighted to discover that in one of the pots she had tucked away during the lengthy moving process over the past two years, this beautiful multi-layered columbine survived. this grew from seeds saved from the same variety growing at dragon house 1.0, and we are thinking of calling it dusty rose fairy gown.

the above photos were taken earlier in the bloom process, and the next two were taken after several days, when the dusty rose color had become much more saturated. mb likes green flowers, so she is rather taken with their early look, while i, of course, love pink, the more saturated the better.

dusty rose fairy gown: show of hands?

peonies! mb did not grow these, but she spent her lunch money on them, because we sure do love peonies. this coral pink bloom was especially eye catching, but i do love the red violet old standard variety, like the ones that grew on the farm and mb’s mom placed in a vase by her bed on her high school graduation day.

this vase has held up nicely for several weeks, during the final stages of invitation crafting, and helped create the perfect atmosphere for such wedding preparations.

we mentioned roses… many of the roses pictured here were growing in a rose garden on the willamette university campus, but this one above is right here at dragon house 2.0. i call this one candy stripe pink.

cotton candy pink

sunrise pink

champagne pink

blush or bashful, do you think?

these bunny slipper pink fairy gowns were also growing on the campus, in a lovely botanical garden.

mb is putting some finishing touches and final seed plantings in her rainbow garden, like this fancy lace pink sweet william, and we can hope that means she will be around to write another blog post soon!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

2 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ meets ~the adventures of flat bride~ flat bride’s rainbow

  • camp boss

    flat bride….so nice to have you back!!! I fully support the posting of pink in all shades!! in fact this rainbow was truly enchanting and glorious in all its pink loveliness!!!

  • camp boss

    sunrise pink and bashful where my fave pinks!!! in case you were wondering šŸ™‚

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