~rainbow mondays~ return of bridezilla

peaches were languishing on the kitchen table, because even though i knew i could only handle a small number, zero might have been a more accurate estimate, based on the other many things i needed to tackle this week.

my writing agenda is not so much languishing as sitting and patiently awaiting a mellower season in which to be attended to. “what i did on my summer vacation” is notated in lists and outline format for helping me remember what i want to write about the sublime moments, between now and november.

in spite of my intentions, some other things have come up… mainly a couple of jobs, but also an eclipse, a celebration of life for my friend’s husband, and the fun of removing head lice from my son each time he returns home to me. i also became officially myself (in a court of law) today, but that is a long story for another time. in fact, most of these things, including the photo at the top of the post, are each longer stories for other times. the short version is, we’re thrilled to be married, our honeymoon was amazing, my husband has my back in every situation that has arisen so far in our marriage, and i am now a published author in our local newspaper, albeit for an obituary.

but even though i must be brief tonight, i figured i should clear some cobwebs off this beloved space of mine, because i don’t plan on going into business with that kind of writing. here is my very small post to give the tiniest of tastes of the epic rainbow summer we have had.

the rainbow children of the lake!

red: pre-wedding festivities at the house of wedding boss!

orange: my brother nailed it.

yellow: our honeymoon in three frames; this sign.

green: these mountains

blue: this water.

purple: and ohhhh, the wedding. there isn’t enough time to scratch the surface, but rest assured i will be back with verbose re-tellings of my favorite parts…. just as soon as the chaos is under control.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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