~rainbow mondays~ stars and flames


a week of sunshine brings out the rainbows, even in dead flowers and table clutter.

a rainbow veggie grand finale to a great outdoor farmer’s market season.

red: chickens!

red: the special effects department spray painted a plastic cup to give charizard a flaming tail!

orange: i wanted this year’s halloween costume to be worn beyond halloween, so i made his charizard costume out of some comfy organic cotton i had lying around from the days of earth huggy, and now he has a new set of pajamas, with wings!

orange: quinn’s jack-o-lantern.

yellow: the yellow center of this late season hollyhill starburst dahlia seems appropriately wind-tossed.

green: a forest and its keeper.

blue: little stars of borage.

purple: and a purple star leaf.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

2 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ stars and flames

  • Holly Fugate

    That Hollyhill Starburst Dahlia looks the way I feel these days: windblown. On a happier note, I finally got my birthday present from Adam. It’s a new computer! I’m excited about that for sure.

  • Camp boss\ wedding boss

    Late to the comment party again!! Love seeing some Pettis in that rainbow!!

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