~tuesday tunes~ something good coming

the dragon house soundtrack has consisted of every tom petty and the heartbreakers album on repeat, since we lost tom. our alarm clock has been playing the last dj and the living room player has rotated through wildflowers, hypnotic eye, highway companion, and mojo. it was while quinn sat on my lap in the happy spot one afternoon while mojo was playing that he told me he liked this song, and i had to admit i agreed. while i like all the other songs folks have shared since tom’s passing, they tend to come from the greatest hits album, ubiquitous in music collections across america, while i think a lot of people may be missing out on some of his more recent albums. 2010 is “recent” ish, right?

since i know at least a couple of my readers will want to look up the lyrics, i will save you that step:

I’m watching the water

Watching the coast

Suddenly I know

What I want the most

And I want to tell you

Still I hold back

I need some time

Get my life on track

I know that look on your face

But there’s somethin’ lucky about this place

And there’s somethin’ good comin’

For you and me

Somethin’ good comin’

There has to be

And I’m thinking ’bout mama

And about the kids

And the way we lived

And the things we did

How she never had a chance

Never caught a break

And how we pay for our big mistakes

I know so well the look on your face

And there’s somethin’ lucky about this place

There’s somethin’ good comin’

Just over the hill

Somethin’ good comin’

I know it will

And I’m in for the long run

Wherever it goes

Ridin’ the river

Wherever it goes

And I’m an honest man

Work’s all I know

You take that away

Don’t know where to go

And I know that look that’s on your face

There’s somethin’ lucky about this place

There’s somethin’ good comin’

For you and me

Somethin’ good comin’

There has to be

my working man is on 10-hour shifts this week (monday’s turned into 12 as they took advantage of a dry day to get as far as they could on their current project) and i’m mulling over the experiences of friends shared in #metoo posts, pondering domestic violence awareness month and how to use my voice most effectively, hearing a lot of unease from friends in general, feeling some myself, especially in the context of my career, dreading the onslaught of winter… but also savoring the last blooms of summer, the first wood stove fires, appreciating my hard working husband, and the steady supply of work available to him, enjoying the bittersweet emotional processing my son has been doing, enjoying a small uptick in creative energy and time to deploy it, enjoying this coffee i’m sipping this morning, and feeling gratitude for this life. something good coming has just the right sound for today, suggesting spirals and cycles, a bit melancholy, but ultimately hopeful.


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  • Camp Boss

    i guess i should see what pandora has to offer for Tom Petty hits. I only know a few.

  • thanks for sharing! i really enjoyed this song… and your right… i was missing out πŸ™‚ i hadn’t heard any of his newish stuff. i feel that the metoo posts are definitely creating awareness. i have personally been blown away by all of the people that have had one or multiple of these experiences. so many people that i never would have expected. it’s disturbing the number of people.

    i have been feeling a bit melancholy lately. i think this time of year brings it out a bit. but i really enjoy it in a strange way. it’s almost like i suddenly have this need to feel deeply, if that makes any sense at all. πŸ™‚ anyway, it has been nice to catch up with you!

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