~rainbow mondays~ strength in rainbows

my rainbow windowsill dahlias in their final arrangement for the season. these last few blooms are still drying in their vases, and the plants are now going dormant under a blanket of straw. but what a blessing to have flowers from my very own garden on the thanksgiving table!

rainbow manly stuff! as surprise dates go, the tour of this manifold and its rainbow welds will go down in relationship history as one of the most surprising and delightful. i loved learning that the rainbow welds are the strongest!

pink: late season seashell cosmos lit up in the morning sun.

pink: late fall sunrise blur

red: sharing a glass of red wine with rich one evening with our pasta.

orange: the fragrance of clementines is a time machine of memory that transports me to the third trimester of my pregnancy with quinn in a single whiff.

orange: speaking of being transported, some footage of the beautiful drive to portland back at the beginning of the month…

yellow: …in a few different hues…

yellow: i could not resist snapping a blurry photo of this awesome yellow truck cruising past the rainbow lanes bowling alley.

yellow: sunday pumpkin pancakes in holiday shapes thanks to a fun new kitchen toy from my mother-outlaw-inlaw.

green: still taking inspiration from hummingbirds to keep things light this season.

blue: easier to do on days with blue skies like this.

purple: lisa kitty helping hold down my curtain fabric so it doesn’t fly away.

red violet: light and love!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

1 comment to ~rainbow mondays~ strength in rainbows

  • camp boss

    love to see the late fall early winter rainbows….you always capture something special even during the dark grey humdrum of the season.

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