~rainbow mondays~ every little thing is gonna be ok

this will be less verbose than some, but it is time to reconnect via rainbow…

rainbow: portrait of the artist as a tidepool…

rainbow: dahlias and hydrangeas being the rainbow.

rainbow: anemone and seaweed being the rainbow, too!

rainbow: heck, even a double-trailered coca-cola truck on a highway in idaho is being the rainbow. or at least, reflecting the sunrise.


red: oklahoma hummingbird sipping on some texas hummingbird sage.

red: by the way, rich and i just got back from a road trip to oklahoma!

red: some of the 67 quarts of tomatoes i have already mentioned from summer days of yore.


orange: dahlia beginnings in an enchanted garden.

orange: an enchanted garden from which some transplants have been shared with my own garden, like these wonderfully prolific helenium.


orange: my own garden is becoming increasingly enchanted over time…


orange: more flora and fauna, they are ok.

yellow: from the hick-a-rew daisy crop.

yellow: dahlias just beginning…

yellow: dahlias in their full glory, keeping the bees busy.

yellow: this is a special hollyhock, grown from seeds sent to me years ago from my friend in durango, and what a delight to find out they are the most delicate pale yellow imaginable.

yellow: black eyed susans, another delightful surprise that took until year 2 after seed planting to flower.

green: the rainbow terrace garden still reads mostly green, even in the height of summer. something about oregon… don’t mind that husband person with some sort of tool in his hand lurking in the upper right hand corner.

green: home sweet bayou hammock.

green: summer ocean productivity in abundance.

green-blue: heron taking flight on a lovely tidepooling excursion.

blue: whales surfacing in the surf zone during same lovely outing.

blue: one thing that is very definitely ok about oklahoma, is that they have blue butterflies there.

blue: this one perched for me in the amazing “gathering place” in tulsa, a community wonder.

purple: speaking of communities, a large village of sea urchins.

purple: mostly purple, but one red.

purple: glad to see these glads.

purple: swallowtails meet on the butterfly bush. “hey, do you come here often?”

purple: purplicious, to be exact, but also leaning a little bit towards red violet.

red violet: flat bride has been wanting me to grow stargazer lilies since i was very young, and i am happy to say they came back healthy and thriving in their second summer in the rainbow garden.


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

3 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ every little thing is gonna be ok

  • Nice to see you again! A truck in Idaho. What?? You must have driven right past us in Fruitland. I won’t hold it against you. When we are on road trips, we never have time to stop. However, next time if you need a quick potty break and a hug, we have clean bathrooms and free hugs, and we aren’t too far from the freeway. Speaking of trucks in Idaho, for some reason I think of you whenever I see (a lot lately) trucks full of produce. Lately I’ve seen a lot of onions and peppers. Soon the sugar beet trucks will be on the roads.

  • Camp boss\ wedding boss

    What a grand rainbow!!! Verbosity and rainbows have never been my favorite combo!! But rose water and cocktails that is a winning and serious pairing!!!!!! can’t wait to hear more about the Ok trip and what is going on in Hick a rew nation!

  • gorgeous photos! hick a rew? LOVE IT!!
    jenny recently posted..Beginning and Ending… All at Once

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