~rainbow mondays~ winter’s threshold

rainbows abound! i think i must have accumulated an ideal level of foggy grime on my phone camera’s view finder, because it keeps manifesting this tricky rainbow effect lately.

i’ve also manifested the neurosis in my son of needing to have a picture of a thing; the above photo resulted from his disappointment that we didn’t get a shot of the sunrise before dropping him off at school. as i approached my work, sunrise was done, but the sky still looked pretty cool, so i snapped this for him.

rainbow veggies for thanksgiving, to offset all the meat and potatoes!

red: while we’re on the subject of thanksgiving color to accent the beige foods, 2018 will be remembered as the year i dumped fresh local raspberries into the cranberry sauce!

orange: fungus among us beneath a cedar of the dragon house.

yellow: the gentlest hue of winter afternoon sunlight

green: the wedding trees, a view of which i will never tire.

green: this little guy with his jade feathers all puffed up on a cold, bright day.

blue: sunny fall days prior to thanksgiving, motivating me to prepare pie crust and filling ahead of time. the sun electrified the blue chairs, overflowing the visual sense so you could almost hear their electrons hum.

blue: the magical edge, where air, water, and land caress, tickle, and tumble with one another, the sunshine superimposing the sky onto the wet sand, creating confusion about which element you’re beholding.

blue: and purple and green iridescent bubbles in the surf.

purple: or shall we say violet? my sweet husband pointed out these late season bloomers to me.

red violet: borrowing a quote from gratitude 2017:

“it is not coincidental that this little harbinger of joy is returning to my awareness today. while i have a tendency to let thoughts weigh me down, these tiny beings show me how they alight here and there, without all that heaviness. they change direction as often as needed; they remind me i always have a choice to redirect towards joy. they guard fiercely, but dance joyfully, and choose to drink in sweetness. they surround themselves in flowers, hovering amid beauty, embodying lightness of being.”

red violet: as always, i am grateful to these tiny birds for their ever-present reminder to look at life through my red violet heart-shaped lenses.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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  • camp boss

    fresh raspberry in cranberry sauce…was it as wonderful and magical as raspberry apricot jam..??/ Raspberry apricot jam is now a family favorite and is being demanded for next year jam season! I love the winter rainbow you always capture the color even though we life in a climate of shades of grey…probably more then 50 but less scandalous.

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