~rainbow mondays~ comfort and joy

rainbow heart lisa kitty!

loving our sparkly rainbow christmas tree this year…

love it even more with a beautiful boy sleeping in the room with it on christmas eve!

and of course, full of joy on christmas morning!

red: my husband beckoned me outside on christmas day to see this red-breasted sapsucker on one of our old apple trees.

orange: husband’s solstice fire dwindling.

yellow: playing tiles for a new low-tech mathy game called hex that quinn likes to win.

green: lichens and guys i lichen standing by the creek at the campsite i lichen. (where we stopped for a visit on the way home with our christmas tree; we saw a salmon heading upstream!)

green: amazing sunshine on christmas morning!

blue: one of the rocks outside our house glows blue in the right winter combination of moisture and a low altitude bright sun.

blue: full moon solstice!

purple: late bloomer.

gray: just a magical full moon-solstice bunny who has been visiting our yard for several nights, spanning solstice and christmas, here to wish you a happy new year!

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

3 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ comfort and joy

  • camp boss

    a splendid rainbow!!! puns included! love the solstice/my birthday fire… too bad I didn’t get to warm myself by it with a mug of your finest grog!!!

  • The kitty pic with the heart lights is my personal favorite. 🙂 Hope the light of Christmas and the increase of light since the Solstice is scattering the pesky darkness around you (and me!!).

  • gorgeous photos!! i love that you have a rainbow tree 🙂 that pic of quinn sleeping at the base with the rainbow lights in the background is so lovely. and the full moon, and the lichen (cute puns), and the solstice fire… i love it all. looks like a very relaxing holiday!

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