thankful thursday ~ more light

on my way to my first day back at work after the recent government shutdown, i mused that i was thinking a month of gratitude posts might be in order for february. my bff challenged me to go for it, and here we are! 28 days of gratitude it is!


28 days of gratitude ~ day 1

i am grateful for a school day off for quinn. as he was getting in the car to go to work with me in the morning, he said, “i love a foggy morning. the sun doesn’t blind you, but you can see just fine,” and buried his face in his minecraft book.


28 days of gratitude ~ day 2

i am grateful for date night. hot and sour soup motivated our choice for chinese food, and we were home watching the hobbit before very long. i am grateful for the ease of our friendship, the comfort of our rituals, and the secure feeling of knowing i am wanted.

28 days of gratitude ~ day 3

today i am grateful for the tiny snowfall that my son woke up to on what was already a day off from school. i am grateful for things i would never have been grateful for in another lifetime, had i not been given this human to raise, because i see things differently through his eyes (such as foggy mornings, and snow), admittedly beautiful things for which i could stand to grow my appreciation. and the gratitude feedback loops begin again, a mere few days into the month, as my gratitude for things my son is grateful for enhances gratitude in me, and reminds me daily how grateful i am to get to be his mama.


28 days of gratitude ~ day 4

i can just alternate between my son and my husband, and it would be true to the essence of my gratitude. i am grateful for the laughs we share over regular day-in-the-life things. when he brought his coveralls in from his truck to put on (usually he puts them on at work, but he wanted to wear his waterproof boots), i laughed about the name label (i’ve always found the man labels on shirts and coveralls inherently funny) and said, “you seem familiar, oh rich, that’s right. nice to see you again.” or something to that effect. and he bear hugged me and did other things that belied a closer familiarity than one requiring name tags.


28 days of gratitude ~ day 5

i am grateful for showing up to my karate class to the surprise of my son on the mat! i am proud of his growth in the area of self advocating, and grateful for the chance to witness him in the process of learning a new skill, without him knowing i was watching.


28 days of gratitude ~ day 6

i am grateful for clear night skies with an abundance of starlight. i also got to see a big round moon only revealing the tiniest sliver edge of itself as it headed for the horizon. light of any kind is something i am still appreciating disproportionately here on the other end of winter, though i am able to perceive the slightest lengthening of daylight at long last.

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