love is

love is takeout gyros and movie rentals, a scenic drive home on the bay road so we can relax at home.

love is lighting sparklers by ourselves in the yard on the 4th, then heading to bed before the fireworks even think about starting.

love is asking me for a shopping list on Friday so he can do the solo costco marathon on saturday while i am at farmer’s market.

love is wandering around the yard pulling morning glory together (noxious weed here, pretty other places) in various corners of the yard after work, and just chatting.

love is easing each other’s pain. rich had a sore foot so i was making him a foot bath with epsom salt daily. then the chiropractor told him to have me put cider vinegar in with the epsom salt. guess whose wife has approximately 6 gallons of homemade apple cider vinegar? rich’s wife.

love is laughing at how “we’re growing old together” and the hilarious and unanticipated realization that i could not bear to watch him soak only one foot. love is putting his other, uninjured, foot in the bath just so i would stop shuddering. love is discovering new quirks about ourselves through our journey together down the path of the rest of our lives.

love is waking me up every morning, and when i wake up still very tired, sweetly asking me if i should be taking my iron supplement. love is patiently and cheerfully waking me up multiple times each day.

“yay, whee! isn’t it great? it’s morning time!”

“it’s still night time! it’s dark outside!” i grumble.

“isn’t it exciting? it’s a brand new day!”


“jump out of bed! wheee!”

“i don’t have any jumping beans.”

he tries to give me some of his surplus jumping beans…

i’m immune…

one day i told him i was only 4% awake, so he would ask periodically throughout the morning for me to quantify my awakeness level.

“are you up to 100% yet?”


another morning something was “so exciting” about this “new day” that he asked, “doesn’t it just take your awake level straight to 100???”

it did not. but he really pegs my love meter up there at the top.

love is sitting side by side in the rain to watch a great concert together. love is letting me nap in the passenger seat on the ride there and back.

i have been doing things like leaving the burner on the stove turned on when we go to bed and realizing it a short time later… one day i realized i had been driving around without my driver’s license all week because i had it in my raincoat when we went to the concert the weekend before… work has been stressful and i overheard someone saying, “yeah, mb knows how to do that… but don’t ask her right now, she has a lot on her plate.” and really, these things are the least of my actual worries, the tip of the iceberg.

love is being a solid stable guy who holds me when i ugly cry and tells me it will be okay and that he loves me and that he knows it is just overwhelm from how awesome and handsome he is.

~strolling down photo memory lane, this dreamy photo by henry wanted to jump in this post today~

my love and i are celebrating two years of marriage, and 7 years and 7 months of togetherness today!

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