gratitude e-books

I collected each November’s 30 days of gratitude posts into a volume by year, beginning with 2016. These PDF files can be downloaded below. Please feel free to share if you know someone who would appreciate them.

I am offering these books freely, and no payment is necessary. If you would like to and are able, I would be grateful if you would make a charitable donation for whatever price you decide is fair (I suggest $2-10 per volume as a sliding scale). My favorite is Together Rising, whose mission is to “transform collective heartbreak into effective action.” Visit their website to find out more about the amazing things they do, and go here to make a one-time or recurring donation.

“I’ve been weaving a web to intentionally capture gratitude and it’s working. Each year I remark on the way gratitude creates feedback loops of even more things to be grateful for and begets more gratitude. Even on days when I’m having trouble accessing gratitude, a Memory pops up and shows me a younger Quinn, or my handsome fire-builder, or a post about my parents’ farm, where I might already be lingering in spirit on that day, and this whisper of oxygen onto the smoldering coals rekindles the gratitude fire. The Ghost of Gratitude Past is a comforting companion, carrying a time capsule full of love letters to the world mailed to my future self, reverberating forward through time in ever widening ripples.” ~11-17-19