~thankful thursday~ navigating transitions

like the little creatures in the ocean that bioluminesce, i am trying to generate my own light during this dark time. many organisms are triggered to glow when they encounter disturbance, and transition times are a continuous source of predictable disturbance for me, like waves, like tides. i have always felt like that dynamic position in the universe where air, land and sea coalesce on the edge of the ocean is the most magical, and of course that transition between rain and sun that brings us rainbows is another personal favorite. i am thankful for the magic around the edges of things. . . . → Read More: ~thankful thursday~ navigating transitions

~rainbow mondays~ the colors of silence

i’ve found the rainbow connection, at least when it comes to potluck dishes. i was assigned veggies for the family st. patrick’s day get together (celebrated early this year) and though i would personally make a rainbow for any occasion, the leprechaun believer in me felt this was a fitting occasion.

white: we’ve . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ the colors of silence

life imitates art

i took my time on the weekly photo challenge “life imitates art“. waiting for breaks in the rain and trying to pose daffodils, i didn’t achieve what i was hoping to in trying to to emulate georgia o’keeffe’s amazing flower paintings. an impossible goal, but irresistible as daffodils and plum . . . → Read More: life imitates art

black and white

i burst into tears yesterday over a passage (no, actually, it was a list in the sidebar) in the book i’m reading on asperger’s and parenting. the heading of the sidebar was behavioral manifestations of anxiety. all sixteen of the listed items applied to quinn. i hadn’t fully understood all sixteen of them as manifestations . . . → Read More: black and white

which side are you on?

“it’s about a shifting consciousness that’ll bring an end to war

so listen up you fathers, listen up you sons,

tell me which side are you on, now, which side are you on?”

~ani difranco

send good thoughts our way on wednesday. when our child . . . → Read More: which side are you on?

“i like the word heal”

i like the word heal. ~ quinn

problem: hernia

probable cause: ruptured relationships. strain, burdens, incorrect creative expression.

new thought pattern: my mind is gentle and harmonious. i love and approve of myself. i am free to be me.

~louise hay, you . . . → Read More: “i like the word heal”


my life has not been without stress (i hear my girlfriends choking on their coffee at the understatement. hi ladies. hugs.) i don’t blog a lot about stress, so far, it seems, though of course anything is possible and i’m still pretty new on the blogging scene. as i sit here typing tonight, not my . . . → Read More: unclenching

the cove

“did you, did you do, did you do all you could?” ~ani difranco

this week i was finally able to make it to a showing of the documentary the cove. now that it has won an oscar and all sorts of other awards, you hardly need me to tell you how amazingly well put together . . . → Read More: the cove