~black and white wednesday~ love letter with no words




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~rainbow mondays~ spiral heart tunnels

why i love spring: metaphors for rebirth literally growing on trees; the mascot for lightness of being zooming past my head each time i walk out my door; the spiraling of life curling outward into the light; and oh, the light!

rainbow flash!

perhaps inspired by spring, my husband and i are . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ spiral heart tunnels

~rainbow mondays~ colors of renewal

this rainbow wrap has snuggled several special babies including my own… and now one more!

rainbow dragon hand warmers hand made for me by my dear friend!

hard at work on color wheel assignment; finishing up red violet, best for last!

rainbow dragon camera mama selfie superimposed on smiling boy

. . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ colors of renewal

ten ~ an order of magnitude

for grammy and me, and anyone else who would like to go back and revisit previous birthdays…

last year i was startled to realize that quinn was halfway to 18, and now suddenly he’s halfway to 20. for some reason, time . . . → Read More: ten ~ an order of magnitude

~rainbow mondays~ winter banana and stained glass

red: holly berries

orange: amanita mushroom observed during quinn’s school field trip.

yellow: i was so excited when i found these winter banana apples at the fill-your-pantry market that i had to buy some. it is one of the varieties my mom has identified growing on the farm. they grew these on . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ winter banana and stained glass

~rainbow mondays~ comfort food

red: the vacation house is a dragon house, too.

orange: to kick off the weekend, quinn built his ideal band. i believe he had in mind to make this into a video game of sorts, hence the graph paper. he is especially jazzed about having two drum sets. his band also has 2 . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ comfort food

~rainbow mondays~ lighthearted

i didn’t take enough pictures this week for a full rainbow monday post, but i also don’t want to skip posting today, because i am feeling so blessed and joyful. i attended a wonderful yoga and writing workshop on saturday that filled me with inspiration was just so invigorating. then yesterday (sunday) looked at . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ lighthearted

~this moment~

it’s a moment from 5 years ago… but one i was transported back to this week, when i had the honor of holding my dear friend’s not-yet-24-hour-old son… who also happens to have an abundance of dark hair and was very alert as i held him, like my own baby boy was. . . . → Read More: ~this moment~


one of my main motivations for having this blog is to create a space to store all of my mama reminiscences in one place, to be able to look back at, both for myself and quinn as he grows, and to share with friends and family. i’m slowly beginning the process of compiling all . . . → Read More: archiving

quinn’s twentieth month ~ ducks in a row

9-24 (added on 8-20-20 from found notebook)

this afternoon got pretty gloomy and quinn asked, “sunny go?” then he requested “outside” where he ran around the yard with his hammer exclaiming, “windy!” he asked to eat “dinn-oh” right away after daycare. he also told me “sine-saur” (dinosaur – i didn’t understand so he told me . . . → Read More: quinn’s twentieth month ~ ducks in a row