wedding ~ prayer flags

i have so many things to say about our wedding that i have decided not to worry about being organized in how i start to tell about it. i’m just going to share bits and pieces that come to mind, and if i keep doing that, maybe i will eventually cover a fraction of the . . . → Read More: wedding ~ prayer flags

~rainbow mondays~ lighthearted

i didn’t take enough pictures this week for a full rainbow monday post, but i also don’t want to skip posting today, because i am feeling so blessed and joyful. i attended a wonderful yoga and writing workshop on saturday that filled me with inspiration was just so invigorating. then yesterday (sunday) looked at . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ lighthearted

attitude adjustment

tuesday morning after rich left for work i made tea and read the rolling stone article about bob dylan, and waited for the stroke of 8 so i could call the unemployment office without the 75 minute hold time. the way my adrenalin was pumping was like waiting for concert tickets to go on sale. . . . → Read More: attitude adjustment