archive update ~ quinn age 3 ~ haul away on the one unbroken line

over time, i have filled in gaps in my blog, and the final frontier that has been awaiting its day is the time between quinn’s third and fourth birthdays. i established the blog just after he turned 3, but was not posting thorough updates again until just before he turned 4, when i posted the . . . → Read More: archive update ~ quinn age 3 ~ haul away on the one unbroken line

~rainbow mondays~ the rainbow connection

i’ve been thinking about how we can move towards finding connections, instead of focusing on differences. i see the image above and i think idealistically about how the united states would be so cool if we lived up to our image as a place where all are welcome. (i do not know the source . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ the rainbow connection

make like a geek ~ game sliders and creative dice rolling

a long time ago (2015), in a galaxy far, far away, there was a yoda snowflake.

yes, it all started with a yoda snowflake. that was what possessed me to buy another exact-o knife, even though somewhere in storage, there is already a perfectly serviceable exact-o knife in my possession. even for what could . . . → Read More: make like a geek ~ game sliders and creative dice rolling

educational priorities ~ a mamafesto

custody mediation is a roller coaster ride. focusing on one of the peaks of the experience, i had the opportunity to spend time writing up my priorities for quinn’s education, and i find that i continue to think about it and tweak it even though the decision has been made and quinn is, for reals, . . . → Read More: educational priorities ~ a mamafesto

good morning, spirit helpers

good morning, spirit helpers (elk)

the day i brought quinn home after our 3 weeks and a day apart, we happened upon our local elk herd, grazing peacefully beside the road. this has happened to us about 20 times in the past 3 months, as well as everyone else with the . . . → Read More: good morning, spirit helpers


i’m back! i finally stopped feeling like i was rocking about three days after i got home. today is my first day really back online, though i arrived at the dock a full week ago.

i’ve spent a whole week just simply being with quinn and reconnecting…

. . . → Read More: reconnecting

~quinn’s thirty-ninth month~ melody, harmony, rhythm

~written november 2018~

(the first part of this month was written about in a proto-month-of-unschool manner in real time, so this post covers the other part of the month, written from the future.)

i came back to this time frame on a mission to orient myself about yet another time frame i . . . → Read More: ~quinn’s thirty-ninth month~ melody, harmony, rhythm