around the farm

the parental dahlia that furnished the seeds of the new baby mystery dahlias; deep purple foliage and brilliant orange blooms…

… and the results are in! the first mystery baby, grown from saved seeds is yellow!

sunflower volunteer, having been messed with in photoshop to bring out its peachy coloration.

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here be dragonflies

when i moved to the oregon coast i was completely unaware of the fact that it is a migratory corridor for dragonflies. i hadn’t even known dragonflies were migratory. apparently, there are both resident and migratory forms of dragonflies among the many dragonfly species, and seasonal north/south migrations happen all across north america. this phenomenon . . . → Read More: here be dragonflies

~quinn’s forty-fourth month~ storm season

~written november 2018~

as my blog was gaining momentum, i started writing more in the moment, more from the heart, as well as including more about me in addition to quinn, my ideas, my past, my hopes. i was more aware than ever that i needed to process and integrate my experiences . . . → Read More: ~quinn’s forty-fourth month~ storm season