banner day

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there’s a lot of life being lived right now, and not a lot of spare time to write about it, but i couldn’t let today go by without marking its significance. as of today, rich and i have spent 5 and a half years together… and in exactly one month, we will be married!

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the bee’s knees

pretending at the park, quinn, who was a fish at the time, climbed out of his fish tank because i said it was time to go, and asked me to wait up. he wanted to hold my hand, and as he grabbed it, he said, “now let’s pretend we are married.”

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simple poems

“the rain comes out of the moon’s tummy.” 1-8-11

“i’m the tooth giver” (tooth fairy) 1-28-11

“we should make our own muffin cases soon. (they are just paper)” 1-28-11

his people, in their garden, had an empty muffin wrapper (post-muffin) that he wouldn’t let . . . → Read More: simple poems

quinn’s twenty-eighth month ~ heffalumps and woozles

5-24-09 (added 8-18-2020 from the found notebook)

Seal rock, walk to bay front, late nap. Hot dogs and ranch. Then, “my body wants yoburp! I’ll have the blue one, and have the red one at dada’s shop.”


a couple of quinn’s spiral drawings…. i am not making this up!

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