~black and white wednesday~ she persisted

on january 21, women marched in the united states and 57 other countries, on all seven continents (even antarctica!), for so many excruciating reasons. women marched to affirm their own lives. it’s unfortunate that so many people saw the women’s march as antithetical to life, because i believe that in order for babies’ lives to . . . → Read More: ~black and white wednesday~ she persisted

“i like the word heal”

i like the word heal. ~ quinn

problem: hernia

probable cause: ruptured relationships. strain, burdens, incorrect creative expression.

new thought pattern: my mind is gentle and harmonious. i love and approve of myself. i am free to be me.

~louise hay, you . . . → Read More: “i like the word heal”

who is mb today?

(this is my response to a question from a friend from high school who recently got in touch on facebook, who asked, “So, I’m curious to know how you are. You were a very conservative and religious young lady when we were together – are you still? Tell me more about mb and what she . . . → Read More: who is mb today?