~thankful thursday~ entish

Treebeard shares with the hobbits how the Ents famously do not say anything in their language unless it is worth taking a long time to say. . . . → Read More: ~thankful thursday~ entish

be the rainbow

2017 is a going to be a big year for us, no two ways about it. i don’t feel the same usual timid anticipation of the unknown to come, because there are already some big plans laid out for this year. standing here on the threshold, it’s more like a certainty cutting through the fog . . . → Read More: be the rainbow

educational priorities ~ a mamafesto

custody mediation is a roller coaster ride. focusing on one of the peaks of the experience, i had the opportunity to spend time writing up my priorities for quinn’s education, and i find that i continue to think about it and tweak it even though the decision has been made and quinn is, for reals, . . . → Read More: educational priorities ~ a mamafesto

66% quality of life improvement

actually i have no idea how to quantify it, but there is some wonderful change-for-the-better in the works in coparenting land. as mentioned, there have been quite a few changes lately in our lives, and lately the daily transition times (change is our theme!) have been a bit more bumpy. since quinn was around 2, . . . → Read More: 66% quality of life improvement

coparenting plus

we’ve entered a new phase of life. dada has a girlfriend.

i don’t know where to begin and how much is too much. this is the internet and all. but i feel the need to continue to let my thoughts flow out of me where i can see them and know they are not scary . . . → Read More: coparenting plus

mothering in public

for the kickoff of the 2011 farmer’s market season, we had a very good day of sales, and a perhaps slightly less than stellar day of parenting in the public eye. oh yeah, i remember now. this 5-hour window each saturday is the most time i ever spend doing my mama thing right out in . . . → Read More: mothering in public

hippie glop gourmet ~ soup stock from veggie scraps

you won’t catch me posting complex recipes or really pretty pictures of daintily garnished food much around here, because in the kitchen, i am a pragmatic kinda gal. often quinn and i catch meals in a fairly haphazard manner, frequently in the car on the way to our next activity, so we often eat easily . . . → Read More: hippie glop gourmet ~ soup stock from veggie scraps


even as i feel i am grasping this concept, it is like water slipping through my fingers to try to articulate. in my tangible world right now, things are changing moment to moment, and each moment has high stress potential… …but i can walk through it with integrity, then look back and see myself for who i am, and drink in the truth that everything i need, i have. . . . → Read More: surrender

~dwell~ interdependence

oh life, what a funny dance. you may have noticed a certain lack of ~dwell~ posts, the ones i did post having been dedicated to the idea of dwelling in the intention of researching (and ending up on) a live aboard boat. i did a fair amount of leg work researching the idea, including consulting . . . → Read More: ~dwell~ interdependence


what a whirlwind week! i have been insanely busy with my job, and we have been sidetracked by a week long gift of nice weather… and so not having much to report on a project seems well justified. i did finish touring the two marinas in town looking for boats. . . . → Read More: ~dwell~