this is it, right here: love.

i have emerged, victorious, from the peach frenzy of 2015. 63 quart jars plus 17 pints of peach bbq sauce. 152 pounds of peaches later, i am ready for a canning break, so i have decided to not bring home a single box of tomatoes until . . . → Read More: love

~rainbow mondays~ providence

red: spent the weekend on a road trip with this handsome fellow. we did not intentionally both pack our red shirts to wear on sunday, it just happened. we got to hear live music together (gary clark jr!) and then spend a day with the pancakes. this photo was taken . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ providence

woodstove salutations

i’m sure you’re not supposed to post it on your blog if you have a crush on somebody… (what if he googles me? hahaha.)

most of the time i find that yoga class is a good place for me to go to quiet down my brain, which is often on runaway train mode. but sunday . . . → Read More: woodstove salutations

66% quality of life improvement

actually i have no idea how to quantify it, but there is some wonderful change-for-the-better in the works in coparenting land. as mentioned, there have been quite a few changes lately in our lives, and lately the daily transition times (change is our theme!) have been a bit more bumpy. since quinn was around 2, . . . → Read More: 66% quality of life improvement

around the farm

between living vicariously through real farmers, and holding my future farming intentions very much at the forefront of my attention right now, hoping to attract all kinds of power from the universe, i am sticking with the title “around the farm” for my sporadic thursday garden tours (i began doing this, inspired by farmama, and . . . → Read More: around the farm

earth as schooner ~ a permaculture analogy

in my personal unschooling adventure, as in, my own studies on what is most salient to me right now, i have been absolutely smitten with permaculture. i’m immersed in the literature currently, have joined a permie internet forum, and have been networking with people locally who have used the p word within earshot of me. . . . → Read More: earth as schooner ~ a permaculture analogy


even as i feel i am grasping this concept, it is like water slipping through my fingers to try to articulate. in my tangible world right now, things are changing moment to moment, and each moment has high stress potential… …but i can walk through it with integrity, then look back and see myself for who i am, and drink in the truth that everything i need, i have. . . . → Read More: surrender

~dwell~ interdependence

oh life, what a funny dance. you may have noticed a certain lack of ~dwell~ posts, the ones i did post having been dedicated to the idea of dwelling in the intention of researching (and ending up on) a live aboard boat. i did a fair amount of leg work researching the idea, including consulting . . . → Read More: ~dwell~ interdependence

creative coparenting

i am sad to see mothering magazine go. i would have liked to have submitted an article there at some point. i always felt there was somewhat of a misrepresentation and under-representation of single mamas. i’m sure (as in, 100% certain) i have a gigantic chip on my shoulder about this. at the same time, . . . → Read More: creative coparenting

overwhelm and compassion

i came home from work last wednesday and completely broke down and cried. i had a tremendously jam packed day at work, following several weeks of preparation for a big day (two words: annual report). lots of work-related angst built up in me over the course of preparing for this thing, given that my . . . → Read More: overwhelm and compassion