~rainbow mondays~

red: this halloween week photo shoot appropriately featured lots of spider webs!

orange: we had a beautiful el dia de los muertos celebration at our living school

orange/yellow/green/blue: the blueberry leaves are turning brilliant colors.

green: another web specimen

blue: quinn’s halloween costume, a pokemon character called . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~

~rainbow monday~

red: a late season hummingbird came out to play in the sunny sunday fuschia.

orange: the one lone zinnia that is finally blooming (watercolor filtered in photoshop)

yellow: one family picnic over from ours, under a glowing yellow tree, last weekend when we celebrated a pancake’s second birthday.

green: green-eyed lady . . . → Read More: ~rainbow monday~

oklahoma was ok ~ a rambling update

it’s the autumnal equinox, a sunny, breezy sunday, and i am lazily canning my way past the 200 pound mark in tomatoes for this season. rich walks in as i sit with the laptop in my lap (that’s how lazily i am canning), and asks whether i am reading or writing. in fact, i have . . . → Read More: oklahoma was ok ~ a rambling update

~rainbow mondays~ what i did on my summer vacation sneak peek

i have been away from the blog for far too long… here’s a sneak preview of all the stories i have to tell… um, sometime soon. right now all i have time for (still) is photos, so sit back and scroll through a rainbow blur representing the second half of my summer!

rainbow boy . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ what i did on my summer vacation sneak peek

~rainbow mondays~ feather, spine, antler, tentacle, berry, petal, claw

playing a little catch-up today after a very busy few weeks of getting the our living school summer program underway… here’s an extra long rainbow monday post!

red: elderberries everywhere!

red: i walked up to this crab when quinn and i were tidepooling . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ feather, spine, antler, tentacle, berry, petal, claw

~a month of unschool~ splashing and reflecting

the school year comes to an end, but the unschooling never does. this month of unschooling involved lots of art and outside time! here are some of quinn’s finished art pieces, including his self portrait (india ink on paper) and his “plowl” all glazed and ready to use! one of the wonderful things about . . . → Read More: ~a month of unschool~ splashing and reflecting

~a month of unschool~ millions of brazilians

one of quinn’s favorite learning activities right now is the paleontology card game he got for christmas. “mama, what does e-x-p-e-d-i-t-i-o-n-s spell?” we have been having fun earning “prestige points” for various fossil digging exploits, and arranging bones in our museums. quinn has taken ideas from this game and the “dino quest” game app . . . → Read More: ~a month of unschool~ millions of brazilians

~rainbow mondays~ sun drenched

red: water park on the trip to see our pancakes a few weekends ago.

orange: same park, earlier that day, enjoying a nice ripe peach.

yellow/pink: the roses are already blooming!

green: i’ve been loving . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ sun drenched

~rainbow mondays~ green eyes

red: photography playtime with the heart bokeh and the rhodies.

orange: backyard moth.

yellow: probably my favorite rhodie, a peachy yellow. but it’s hard to pick a favorite!

green: those eyes! i don’t often get . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ green eyes

practically impractical

i’ve known since february that i would be concluding my position as site coordinator of the after school program in june, but have been quiet, not wanting to give the impression i would be phoning it in for the rest of the year. with under a month to go, i feel good about the program’s . . . → Read More: practically impractical