slope stabilization

how does one establish a relationship that is built to last, what with all the ephemerality of the world? the passing of days into memory or forgetting, the hurts and slights that have the potential to erode at what originally connected two people, the quirks and morning breath and neglected leg stubble that could garner . . . → Read More: slope stabilization

~around the farm~ purple poppies

for half of the year, the farm is asleep, and there is not much to post in around the farm. then there is the other half of the year. no time for posting! so much going on! and too many photos to choose from.

we have been enjoying lettuce . . . → Read More: ~around the farm~ purple poppies

NY rocks

what has NY got that we don’t got in oregon? we might have gigantic trees and the biggest ocean in our coastal bioregion, but there are some ways that new york outshines us.

woodchucks. high prevalence. not available in oregon.

snow after mother’s day. see those flakes? not gonna . . . → Read More: NY rocks

around the farm ~ heart salads

the bees have moved on to this new favorite attraction. golden-chain tree. fixes nitrogen, makes bees very happy and lights up the yard with bright yellow blooms.

another corner of the yard is painted purple.

one more nice surprise in the shrubbery department is the tall oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) at the . . . → Read More: around the farm ~ heart salads

around the farm

we’ve been celebrating rich’s daughter’s graduation this past week, and had gorgeous weather in which to put family members to work in the garden. 😉 rich’s parents visited for a week and helped us clear the way for digging the second half of the garden. i had hacked down the salmonberry in very early . . . → Read More: around the farm

~around the farm~ manure wealth

last week i made some new compost bins. look at that fine joinery (haha, i did not take any closeups, because i perform joinery with scrap ropes off the beach, not fasteners.)

how i know my man really, really likes me: he let me fill up his truck with manure. i mucked out my friend’s . . . → Read More: ~around the farm~ manure wealth

around the farm ~ filled my pantry

we’re nibbling little fresh bits from our garden here and there still- brussels sprouts, our first artichoke, and the tomatoes that are still ripening in the windowsill, finally pulled off their vines and rescued from the ensuing cold. certainly there will be greens for a while yet- kale and chard are such mainstays. there are . . . → Read More: around the farm ~ filled my pantry

around the farm

loved digging potatoes this weekend with my barefoot little boy. i have heard predictions of a cold wet fall here in the pnw, and my under-the-spruce-tree potatoes were planted under straw… so rather than store them in the “ground” until the last before-frost . . . → Read More: around the farm

grapeful weekend


i was having a rough friday afternoon. the transitions between mama’s and dada’s have been key stress points for all of us, and i want to say that this is true mostly of quinn, but i have to admit, on average the transitions are the highest stress level of my day to . . . → Read More: grapeful weekend

on my mind

lots of random and inspiring things on my mind right now…

cue soundtrack

rachel’s thought-provoking post on technology ambivalence

sunchokes sound like an amazing staple crop i am going to have to try my hand at growing.

seeds into soil, seeds into soil, repeat. my . . . → Read More: on my mind