quest for sparkles

the day after our 3 month anniversary, i went for a run on the beach and noticed what looked like shimmering glass marbles in the surf zone. upon closer examination i figured out that they were jelly blobs, and more specifically, ctenophores. i have had a love for ctenophores ever since i learned about them . . . → Read More: quest for sparkles

through his eyes

as promised, a picture of me taken by my personal photographer, age 3.

i never saw myself smile so big before i had him! i am glad that’s what he gets to see. (including what’s in the background!)

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unschooling, schooner style

one of my first tastes of unschooling might have been when i spent my first 9 weeks aboard the schooner Harvey Gamage. i just dug out my journal from SEAmester, and the entry from our first day of sailing (3-3-98) included this:

“earlier today we ate breakfast, swabbed the decks, and then the crew let . . . → Read More: unschooling, schooner style

peace is the path

“There is no path to peace. Peace is the path”


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the most interesting trees

cape lookout, oregon

the most interesting trees in the forest are the ones that have been through the most devastating damage, only to survive and send out new limbs, over and over again, stronger than ever where the scars heal over, valiantly reaching gnarled knuckles towards the sunlight to press on . . . → Read More: the most interesting trees

glass overflowing

something about the way the sprig of orange-mint was floating happily in this half-full glass of water, and maybe a little bit of it was the lush evergreens lurking outside my windowsill, made me think, “the glass is not just half full, the glass is overflowing!” life has been so good to me lately, . . . → Read More: glass overflowing