~tuesday tunes~ rainbow love

when rich and i were deciding on songs for our wedding, we had a lot of fun playing back through our favorite love songs and thinking about what music best suited our story and our celebration. we ended up using 3 songs during our ceremony, and the other two i will talk about later did . . . → Read More: ~tuesday tunes~ rainbow love

be the rainbow

2017 is a going to be a big year for us, no two ways about it. i donโ€™t feel the same usual timid anticipation of the unknown to come, because there are already some big plans laid out for this year. standing here on the threshold, itโ€™s more like a certainty cutting through the fog . . . → Read More: be the rainbow

the lovers, the streamers, and me

mostly quinn listens to the same music i listen to, and really, really likes it. i’m sure most kids are like that, i know i absolutely adored the statler brothers and johnny cash growing up, and still have a big old soft spot for gospel. quinn is the biggest bob marley fan you will ever . . . → Read More: the lovers, the streamers, and me