~thankful thursday~ hallowed

My favorite aspect of the fantastically gigantic stumps was that they each had some sort of window or archway or dome built into them, and each one now housed a hollowed out center – or maybe more accurately, a hallowed space. . . . → Read More: ~thankful thursday~ hallowed

~summer shorts~ mystical

The eagle was in no rush, but eventually decided to move north and took flight. We headed north more slowly, picking our way over the slick seaweed rainbow covering the rocky shore. . . . → Read More: ~summer shorts~ mystical

~rainbow mondays~ providence

red: spent the weekend on a road trip with this handsome fellow. we did not intentionally both pack our red shirts to wear on sunday, it just happened. we got to hear live music together (gary clark jr!) and then spend a day with the pancakes. this photo was taken . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ providence

there will be no way to fail

i got me the end-of-summer, don’t-know-how-i’m-gonna-pay-my-phone-bill, wish-i-could-trade-in-my-coparent blues. i’m also jumping for joy because i get to be the field science group activity leader at quinn’s school in exchange for his part time tuition for this fall. still, i know i need to do some self care to get the funk out. the other day . . . → Read More: there will be no way to fail

magic and wonder

you get to me like old time religion did

in my heart when i was a kid

you’re sweet gospel music to my ears

know how to ease all my fears

from my heart to yours all i can say is

hey baby . . . → Read More: magic and wonder

good morning, spirit helpers

good morning, spirit helpers (elk)

the day i brought quinn home after our 3 weeks and a day apart, we happened upon our local elk herd, grazing peacefully beside the road. this has happened to us about 20 times in the past 3 months, as well as everyone else with the . . . → Read More: good morning, spirit helpers

simple poems

mama, addressing sick boy while administering herbal remedies of some sort: “blah blah blah blah blah to help you heal.”

sniffly boy: “i like the word heal.”


“what is fire?”


“the letter E has 3 . . . → Read More: simple poems


"hey, baby"

a portrait of the artist as a ctenophore

i have been fascinated by bioluminescence since long before i knew it by that name. one of the best things about growing up in the northeastern united states on a farm with big grassy meadows was the abundance . . . → Read More: bioluminescence

here be dragonflies

when i moved to the oregon coast i was completely unaware of the fact that it is a migratory corridor for dragonflies. i hadn’t even known dragonflies were migratory. apparently, there are both resident and migratory forms of dragonflies among the many dragonfly species, and seasonal north/south migrations happen all across north america. this phenomenon . . . → Read More: here be dragonflies

who is mb today?

(this is my response to a question from a friend from high school who recently got in touch on facebook, who asked, “So, I’m curious to know how you are. You were a very conservative and religious young lady when we were together – are you still? Tell me more about mb and what she . . . → Read More: who is mb today?