wordpress midwife: bioluminescent web design

bioluminescent web design

i am a self-hosted wordpress fan, autodidact and geek and i love to help others empower themselves through self-hosted wordpress blogs. i have experience in various levels of assistance with

  • web design
  • setting up self hosted wordpress websites
  • finding hosting companies who use renewable energy
  • installing e-commerce software on wordpress websites
  • transferring hosted blogs to self hosted wordpress websites (including moving content, transferring email subscribers, setting up redirects and more)


would you like to see some of my work?

this one is my own site, for my cloth diaper business. i built the site from the ground up, and the design is all my own. this site uses a wordpress e-commerce plugin to handle sales transactions. it’s a good example of using wordpress even though the blog function plays a minor role, and e-commerce is the main focus of the site.

i also maintain and help with design on my yoga teacher’s website (the studio where i have been teaching). you can see my work there, which is not in wordpress, but more basic html. the main function i serve on that site is to update the class schedule in a timely manner, for my teacher who would rather not turn the computer on at all, and hasn’t joined the world of wordpress which would make it easy for her to update it herself (hey, it’s nice to be needed.)

i worked with my good friend rachel to transfer her amazing blog from wordpress.com over onto her own self-hosted site. you can find some of her reasoning behind her decision to go self-hosted here. if you too would like yourwebsite.com as your url, without blogspot or wordpress in the address line, or if you have aspirations for your site that go beyond what the standard blogging platforms are capable of, let’s chat.


i collaborated with artist amy bogard to re-design her blog micromovements, adding in new capabilities and showcasing her amazing sketch-journaling portfolio. we wanted to take the reader out from in front of a screen and sit them down with her sketchbook in their lap.

please contact me if you are interested in having me along on your journey with wordpress. i am a big believer in the open-source movement and will do my best to walk you through every step of the process if you like to do it yourself but need a facilitator to get you started. i’m also happy to do most of the work for you and leave you to your creative pursuits if that is your preference.

i see myself as a guide to help you actualize your vision for your wordpress blog or website. in fact i think i am more like a midwife than a tech support person. i combine my knowledge of wordpress with my ability to communicate well with others, in order to bring your vision to the web.

communication is key! i love working with others who can articulate what they are going for, but i also believe i am fairly intuitive once i get to know a person’s style.

i have put together two packages that i think cover the basic needs for most clients, who can decide whether they need a doula or a midwife for their blog. i am also open to customizing a plan that works just exactly for you.

the doula plan: you’ve already got your self-hosted wordpress site set up, and just need someone to log in weekly and make sure things are updated and backed up; maybe you’d love to hand off the task of fiddling with twitter button placement (or other periodic small adjustments) to someone else so you can focus on your work; you just want to know someone is on your team if something technical goes awry. this is the plan for you. $25/month

the midwife plan: you’ve got big changes in mind such as: transferring a blog to becoming a self-hosted blog including migrating content, adjusting settings, transferring subscribers, and setting up a redirect; building a self-hosted site from scratch; overhauling your web design in some major way (i love playing with artistic ideas!). if you need this type of assistance, you want the midwife plan, a one-time fee of $200-500. (this price will be set up front, based on an initial consultation.) those choosing the midwife plan will often switch over to the doula plan when the initial job is complete to ensure they still have my help with weekly updating/backups/minor adjustments, though this transition is not required. others may want to handle updates and minor changes on their own, with the understanding that the umbilical cord is cut, and i will need to be compensated for any further assistance should something new arise.

email earth.huggy (at) gmail (dot) com for more info or to schedule a consultation.