first day of our living school

when i went in to wake him up, he was already sitting up in bed, and with a big smile asked me, “is today my first day of school?”

see those twinkling eyes when i answered yes?

in his currently typical mix of both extremes, he was fiercely independent on several fronts (pouring his cereal, buttoning his shirt) and desperately dependent on me for others (brushing his teeth, help with shoes). other days he might brush his own teeth but require me for the buttoning. i just show up and follow cues.

school starts at 8:30 so there is time to sit down and eat breakfast at home first. it’s a nice change of pace from having to arrive at our morning destination at 7:00, with breakfast and vitamins happening en route.

ready to go.

(it’s not jam face. he scratched himself on a stick while playing in a creek where we camped over labor day weekend.)

arriving at our living school.

getting right down to work.

he was ready for me to leave “as soon as morning circle is starting. that way it can be just me, the kids, and kelly.” my big kindergarten boy.

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