~rainbow mondays~ heart-shaped holidays

this week in rainbows: raining rainbow hearts on his sweet face.

remembering to see my world through my heart-shaped lens over the holidays…

seeing the world through heart-shaped glasses

he says it looks like hearts are coming out of his mouth!

red: generation x, raise your hand. several of my . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ heart-shaped holidays

a month of non-local in a year of local

i’ve been grasping for cooking inspiration in the past few weeks, and i have this funny feeling i am not the only one out there feeling the marchness of march when it comes to cooking and food. ever since reading babs’ animal vegetable miracle years ago when i had an infant, (oops did i just . . . → Read More: a month of non-local in a year of local

in his lunchbox

i asked quinn about his preferences for what kinds of foods he’d like to pack in his lunchbox for school, and we ended up having a splendid conversation. first, i told him my reason for making a list, which was both to refresh my memory on days when i couldn’t remember what to pack, and . . . → Read More: in his lunchbox

hippie glop gourmet ~ soup stock from veggie scraps

you won’t catch me posting complex recipes or really pretty pictures of daintily garnished food much around here, because in the kitchen, i am a pragmatic kinda gal. often quinn and i catch meals in a fairly haphazard manner, frequently in the car on the way to our next activity, so we often eat easily . . . → Read More: hippie glop gourmet ~ soup stock from veggie scraps