~a month of unschool~ wild and woolly

both mama and quinn have been spending lots of our passion for learning and time and energy devoted to gardening and vicarious farming endeavors.

quinn enjoys watering and harvesting quite a bit. he got to help collect eggs at our friends’ farm one night.

a fresh stack of library books has been inspiring our reading habit. the topics have heavy dinosaur and prehistoric influences, including wild and woolly mammoths. quinn’s play at this age often involves pretending to hunt a woolly mammoth or some other large prehistoric beast, and every single walk we go on, a new stick/spear is accumulated. he is working with dada at crafting spears, adding stone points to the ends (complete with pitch and sinew- look out, mammoths!) and he seems very proud to be learning these skills. he is quite fluent in dinosaur-ese as well, and many of his stories include casts of characters such as compsognathus, tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, and brachiosaurus.

much time spent in the wild, natural surroundings of the coast. we found a grove of small trees where elk have been rubbing their antlers, picked wild strawberries in our lawn, spent time with our friends’ newborn twin goats, and… practiced with the spear some more.

friends who happened upon a swarm of ladybugs at the beach shared a few of their captives with us, and we released them into our happy garden.

rock climbing and tree climbing were practiced. dandelion greens and wild dungeness crabs were harvested, cooked, and consumed.

salmonberries foraged. potatoes planted for donating to food share. a few doses of socialization, whether we unschoolers need it or not. 😉

raptly listened to music at the celtic festibal (his term), where his dada happened to be running the sound board. colored in a welsh flag, though he’s irish, because come on, a red dragon makes for a very cool flag. more socialization hanging out with dear friends…

swallowed the moon, blew viking kisses, studied rental minivan technology, ate strawberries in bed, bottle fed kids….

and said bye bye to mama for ten days! whew. thank goodness we don’t have to learn that lesson very often.

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